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Makom Systems - Telecommunications & IT Solutions

Makom Systems, are network design architects and consultants. We provide solutions for remote access,
LANs, WANs, VPNs, Internet, Intranet, IT strategies and Security.

Makom offers a coherent, flexible and effective approach for meeting your requirements. We will ensure the
internetwork serves the users in the organisation who rely on it, regardless of the range of devices or
applications in use.

We have a broad  range of experience of design, implementation and evaluation of high speed networks.
This combines with an extensive track record of installing projects globally.

IP VPNs are a good way of connecting branch offices in diverse locations while maintaining strong security.

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Making the right decisions in a fast moving market place can be challenging. We will help to identify some 
of the basic design aspects of your network and explain how to deal with them when implementing new
networks or updating existing ones. We cover the major design issues such as address and name
management, routing, network management, security, load balancing and performance.
We offer independent advise based on the best technical solution available for your application. We are 
specialists in large scale IP network design and will assess the impact on your network of the use of
technologies such as wireless LANs, remote access, quality of service, and video streaming.
 Makom will :-
• Incorporate the right technology in your network to meet your needs
• Consult and train to ensure solutions are properly supported
• Provide Web and Internet enabled infrastructures
Provide secure remote access solutions
Provide secure wireless implementations
• Work closely with bandwidth and hardware providers for a cost effective implementation
• Develop custom applications where required to meet your business needs
• Review your existing infrastructure to ensure trouble free integration
We work with the products from all the major networking vendors including, Cisco, Nortel and IBM. 
We also work with a range of operating systems and technologies including:-  MS Windows, UNIX, Linux, 
Sun Solaris, Novell, TCP/IP, ISDN, Frame-Relay, ATM, Point-Point Circuits, X.25, ADSL, Remote
Access, Wireless, Routing Services, Firewalls, FTP, DNS and email services. Contact us to find out more.

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