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Systems & Client/Server

The client/server software architecture is a versatile and modular infrastructure that is intended to offer  
usability, flexibility and scalability as compared to centralised, mainframe, time sharing computing. We can
advise on a range of applications that will suit your current working environment and will help you to
extend or migrate your servers to preferred platforms. We will also advise and assist with the installation
and setting up of services such as email or NAS boxes as part of a corporate backup solution.
There are many factors to consider in getting the optimum configuration. Is it a WAN or LAN
application? What are the support issues? What is the cost benefit? What are the migration issues? What operating system should I use? What development tools, if any are required? What training will be required?
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Other considerations are the network technology to use e.g. FDDI, Ethernet. What security should I 
implement? We will ensure these issues are addressed and that there is full integration with your existing
Where custom developments are required we will provide quality programming to your specifications with 
a variety of computer languages including C/C++, Visual Basic and scripting tools most suited to your